• Geological research and advice, property evaluation, field studies
  • Applied geoscience for base, precious and rare metal exploration at regional, local, and deposit scales
    • volcanic-hosted massive sulphides
    • rare metals associated with alkali systems/carbonatites
  • Economic geology and metallogeny
    • area selection
    • evaluation of geological settings for base, precious and rare metals
    • mineral deposit modeling
  • Petrology, geochemistry, and petrogenesis
    • applications to ore deposit settings, area selection, alteration, stratigraphy and exploration strategy.
  • Exploration planning, quality assurance, quality control, disclosure
Government and Community Relations
  • Representing minerals sector interests with resource administrators and regulators
  • Interpreting and working with legislation, regulation, and government policy
  • Research and advice on social license issues including:
    • environmental and social impacts of mineral development
    • community engagement
    • economic benefits
  • Formal or informal seminars and short courses including:
    • field geology
    • metallogeny
    • economic geology
    • mineral deposit modelling
    • applications of lithogeochemistry to mineral exploration
    • government relations
    • understanding and using legislation and regulation
Public Sector
  • Applying geoscience to public policy
  • Developing legislation, and policy to meet society‚Äôs evolving expectations of mineral development
  • Strategic planning for mineral resource administration
  • Working with public policy, legislation, and regulations to address government priorities
  • Incorporating geological resources in community planning